Cotton laminated fabrics consist of phenolic-formaldehyde resin (PF) and cotton fabrics. The fabric impregnated with PF are laminated in several layers. Afterwards these prepregs are pressed at approximately 150 °C and under extremely high pressure.

Cotton laminated fabrics are characterized by an excellent mechanical strength. Additionally this material is equipped with good sliding properties and is resistant against solvents, weak lyes, oils and fuels.



Product    Unit WKT 182 WKT 182.5    WKT 182.2 WKT 183
Standards      IEC 60893     PF CC 201 PF CC 202 PF CC 201 + MOS2  PF CC 203
  NEMA LI-1 C CE -- L
  DIN 7735 HGW 2082     HGW 2082.5     HGW 2082 + MOS2     HGW 2083