Application fields


Just strong: Our certified plastics from our own production facilities form the basis for insulation and insulating components that offer highly effective protection against high voltage and extreme temperatures in a wide variety of industries – permanently and reliably. Thanks to their extremely high load-bearing capacity and low weight, they represent a genuine alternative to conventional materials such as steel.


Generators / Motors

Generators are used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Here, too, our products are used as insulating materials.



Transformers or converters are often used for voltage conversion. This is exactly where our components are used. Whether as blanks, complex components or threaded rods, there are many well-known names among our customers who rely on our insulation products.


Switching safely and simple. On the right track with us. Quality based on experience.
Whether bulkheads or rail brackets, we have the right products for your switchgear installations.

Wind power

Hold on tight. For wind turbines to continuing being operated safely and efficiently in the future, we can supply the right components from our range. From cable holders to insulating components, all in line with customer requirements. With us, anything is possible.



Safety thanks to innovative insulation products. Our products provide increased safety and performance for your coils. Whether spacer strips, compensating elements or covers. We have the right product.


Mechanical engineering

The all-rounders: Our machine components are reliable, lightweight and offer corrosion-resistance as well as insulation. They are used, for example, in medical technology, in sorting and conveying systems, pharmaceutical systems, in aircraft construction, packaging and machine tool construction and in equipment construction.

Rail technology

In railway technology, we offer you various housing systems, insulators for pantographs and other coverings or insulation products. All products provide extremely high resistance and are easy to assemble.
All including the required railway approvals.

Thermal insulation

Extremes are the benchmark at which we measure the quality of components for cryogenics and thermal insulation which are made for the highest requirements in the steel- and glass industry,
In the medical technology and research. This is why our components can cope temperatures between -170 °C and 1000 °C and are manufactured with a high-precision accuracy of 5/100 mm.


Traffic technology

Whether housings, cable covers or other insulating components – we effectively protect your electronics to ensure a safe operation. Naturally, our insulation components are tested according to the latest fire protection standards.